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  • Super single tires eliminate the effects of uneven pressure between tires on one side of an axle by switching to a single tire.

  • This also eliminates hard-to-reach tire pressure monitoring.

  • Super single tires have a more substantial contact patch than standard dual tires, which increases a fleet’s load capacity.

  • Highway routes, bulk commodities, and higher mileage fleets are perfect applications for super single tires.

  • Super single tires can improve vehicle performance and reduce fuel consumption and maintenance costs.

  • Overall tire weight is reduced which could allow for extra freight.

  • Carry mounted Spare that technician and Dis & Remount

  • Doesn't Pick-up debris from edge of highway

  • No uneven, no scrubbing & less tire wear

  • Better turning radius

Dual Tire - 1.jpg
  • Space between the dual tires must be maintained to prevent rubbing and lodged debris.

  • Because of the necessary space, you cannot upsize duals on a fleet.

  • An underinflated or flat dual will cause uneven wear on the other tires.

  • Inner dual tires are often difficult to reach to monitor air pressure.

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