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-         Renters/Lessee's are responsible for all maintenance, damages as well as ware & tare that occurs while Lessee’s possession.

 Which includes but not limited to the following:

  •  Any & all visible damage including wear & tare.

  • Bent Rims, Blown Tires, inoperable lights, air leaks or worn brakes.

  • Holes/Bulges/Gouges-Including holes caused by Shipper & Receivers Forklifts

  • Etc

Lease/ Rental Terms:

  • Our shortest Term is (1) month and our longest is (6) years.

  • Many of our new & long-time customers have chosen the 2-year contract considering the 10% discount they receive.


1.  Please reach out to your insurance company to add Malik-Sherman Freight & Asset Management as a Cert Holder, Loss Payee​

2.  Add Trailer & It's value to insurance Policy.

3.  ​Refundable deposit & First Month's rent must be collected before the Trailer is picked up.

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